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From design assistance to production, we meet customers at the door with service in mind.  As a full service machine shop, we make production parts and tooling for companies in our area, eg. Howmet, Ametek, ORI, TRMI. We also do work for local artists and furniture makers, local lighting companies and luthiers as well. We are always looking for local companies and innovative thinkers to work with. On a broader scope we produce Opto-mechanicals for Lifetouch and NVIS, confidentially parts for many others. We even occasionally take on little projects and inventions for fun.


Custom Cake Infuser designed in SolidWorks

Designs for complex assemblies are done here using SolidWorks and machined using Mastercam.

Custom Extrusion Crimping Machine

Low volume machining of parts and assemblies to test out and grow ideas.

Machines custom designed to fit the customers need, manufactured, assembled, wired, and programmed in-house.

Custom automated metal strip roll forming machine.

Fixtures, jigs, and process development. Tools designed around a specific task with future improvements in mind.

Custom welding adjustable angle welding jig.
Aluminum injection mold for a bucket.

Experienced with vacuum forming and injection molding, along with stamping and forming dies.

Custom stainless pins for a prothetic limb.

Capable of machining from billet stock, cast blanks, and custom extruded materials.

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