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Bicycle Mount

Our billet machined 6061 aluminum aircraft bicycle mount slides on the seat rail and secures using the factory seat pin hole. This mount was designed for a 1985 Beechcraft F33A seat configuration but should fit any F33A, V35B, A36, and A/B36TC airframe. It may fit older series as well, if the seat rail dimensions are as follows:

Beechcraft aircraft seatrail dimensions

This mount was designed to secure the bicycle by the front fork without overstressing the seat rail and to keep the bicycle fixed in the same manner as a standard automobile roof racks (i.e. Thule, Siras, Yakima, etc.).

Each mount comes with one set of adapters for $120 plus shipping.
Additional adapters can be purchased for an additional $20/ pair.
Adapters are available for the following configurations:
-100 x 5mm quick release (original bicycle skewers)
(has 9mm x 4mm Stub to mimic Front axle)
-100 x 12mm Thru axle
-100 x 15mm Thru axle
-110 x 15mm Thru axle
Spacers are available for $5 to accommodate the above in the
following configuration:
-110 x 12mm Thru axle

-110 x 15mm Thru axle.

As all machining is completed here, other dimensions can be made upon request.

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