Niekamp Tool Company in Kingston, New York, is excited to share with you the unique and innovative Electric G Tractor.

Our kit supplies all the mechanical parts needed to convert an Allis Chalmers “G” Cultivating Tractor into an electric vehicle.

The Electric G Tractor Kit

We now sell an Electric G Tractor Kit. The complete kit sells for $595 plus shipping. The kit includes the bell housing adapter plate, motor plate, stub shaft, pulleys with the bearings, pilot bearing to support the pilot shaft and clutch disk, screws and spacers to mount the controller and contractor, and motor cover. If you would like a complete parts list, please request it using our contact form or try the links below.

The Birth of the Electric G Tractor

One of our friends is a farmer that can never stop improving his methods and equipment. After he completed a few test runs and wanted to firm up his tractor conversion, he called us in on the project. We were curious and excited to put some ideas to his real farm test bed.

We worked closely with him to develop his creation into a practical vehicle. After applying our engineering and manufacturing skills to the project, we believe that we have helped create an exciting and innovative machine. Additionally, we continue to upgrade parts to make the tractor more attractive and to reduce costs.

Electric G Kit Assembly Suggestions

Electric G Conversion Kit