Our Services:

NTC is a full service machine shop. From design assistance to production we meet customers at the door with service in mind. We make production parts and tooling for companies in our area, eg. Alcoa, Ametek, ORI, TRMI. On a broader scope NTC produces Opto-mechanicals for Lifetouch and NVIS, confidentially parts for many others.

We’ll even occasionally take on little projects and inventions for fun. Designs for complex assemblies are done here in SolidWorks and machined by our highly skilled staff using CNC and conventional techniques. We do work for local artists and furniture makers, local lighting companies, and luthiers as well. We are always looking for local companies and innovative thinkers to work with.

We make it right, or we don’t make it at all.

Professional experienced use of CAD & CAM

Taking concepts to finished product

Functional Machined Prototypes

Experienced use of both Manual and CNC machines to mill and turn

Prototype and Production Molds

Experienced with Vacuum Forming and Injection Molding

Production Machined Parts

Experienced use of both Manual and CNC machines to mill and turn 


Automated Machine Building

Designed, Manufactured, and Programmed in-house

 Laser Engraving

Laser Marking Custom Logos

Laser Marking Part Numbers

Miscellaneous Tooling

Fixtures, Jigs, and Process Development

Tools designed around a specific task with future automation in mind