New Mill/Turn CNC

So in 2010 and we were pushing the capacity of our equipment. We are using our new Hyundai/Kia SKT-21 LMS with vigor and pleased so far with the machine. The milling is awesome and the sub-spindle gives new life to parts we were dreading in the past. Peripheral Hole drilling and C axis milling were a nightmare before and now its everyday easy. Check Out this Engraving on one of our SSK Bezels.


New MasterCAM Level

At this point we’ve been doing mold repairs and modifications for too long to remember but all with level 2. We needed to go the extra mile every time there was a surface feature to mill. I bit the bullet and went for the 3D Classes at MACDAC and bought the Level 3. What a relief to no longer be blocked out of certain tool path functions. Now we’ve also made a few molds from scratch and had great success. USHECO Plastics has been patient and helpful in proofing and improving the molds.