Bicycles… Last year it was the Electric Bike that does 35 mph. They are tired of hearing about bicycles around here. I tried this year to get out there more and the weather was awful for riding the first few months. I have been more gear oriented than riding this season. Stinks but the rides I did get in were great! Made a new friend. I’m finding more people I know that are riders. Its all good. I wasn’t thinking we would make sprockets for a Triple when my friend Harmony called but he said 7075 T6 Aluminum and my ears buzzed. Finding out that a major player in Bikes had been making them from aluminum for years was an eye opener. A little digging by Harmony Water dug up the profiles and a few measurements gave us the missing details. We drew up a sprocket for the Campagnolo Crank arm that had 31 teeth and made a few. We’ll see how they work. The first customer wants them for the Colorado “Hills”. That should be enough to rip the teeth off anything sub-par. They look awesome and fit the studs for 100mm Record Triple right where the 36 Low used to go. They’re available at