Diversified Manufacturing Facility

Niekamp Tool Company in Kingston, New York, is a diversified manufacturing facility that is dedicated to exceeding your expectations with complete solutions to your manufacturing needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide precision manufacturing services, and engineering to those who value the integrity of products and services. In our highly equipped facility, we integrate engineering services using SolidWorks™ and MasterCam™ with CNC machining and other processes to keep tight control and minimize development time delays.

Much More Than a Job Shop

Niekamp Tool Company is much more than a job shop offering simple machining and stamping. We do some of our best work before we turn on our machines. Let us work with you to provide you complete solutions in terms of both design and value. We only take a job when we know we can be complete it on time, on budget, and on spec. We make it right, or we don’t make it at all.

Our History of Top-Quality Service 

We are known as the “Problem Solvers.” Not only do we make the parts you need now, but we also to help you meet growing requirements with quick and surefooted solutions. Since 1965, Niekamp Tool Company has been dedicated to providing the highest quality machined, stamped, and engineered products in our industry. Backed by dependable, and experienced personnel in our customer service, engineering, and production departments, Niekamp seeks to exceed your needs.

Our Capabilities

Mechanical Assembly

Automation Production Tooling

Custom Jigs and Fixtures

Prototype Molds

Functional Prototypes

Miscellaneous Tooling

Optical Lens Housings